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This has been a busy week for me. But I think that when we stay busy, doing things we like, the time does tend to fly.

A little treat for you.

The Zombie Plagues

All rights reserved.

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This Excerpt is used with permission.

Copyright Geo Dell 2013 – 2015 All rights reserved.


    Beth lifted her eyes from the map just as the first of the undead broke from the trees behind the back of the last truck.

“Jesus! Jesus, Billy… Dead!” She shrugged her machine pistol off her shoulder and caught it with both hands. She was already moving toward the back vehicles. In front of her Bear was turning away from her, back toward the rear. His massive frame blocking her view. Somewhere towards the back truck someone began to scream. Iris, she thought. It was Iris who was screaming.

She found herself running at that point. Her legs pumping effortlessly. The adrenalin surging through her veins. Iris was in the truck with Mac.

She had no sooner had the thought then she heard another voice began to scream. She couldn’t place it but as she rounded Bear, catching up and passing him, she saw that two zombies had Mac on the ground, tearing chunks from his arms as he tried to fight them off.

“Beth!” Billy screamed from behind her. “Right. Your right!”

She had been just about to fire her pistol at the two Zombies attacking Mac and so even as she turned, she did not turn her pistol completely but kept it aimed to the front towards Mac and the two Zombies. By the time she registered how close the three zombies were to her there was no time to turn the pistol and fire. They were nearly on her. She had no more registered their faces, jaws wide, teeth gnashing, she had not even had the time to worry about her own fate yet, when the lead zombies head blew apart in a spray of blood and bone.

She blinked involuntarily and managed to bring her pistol around as the two remaining zombies tried to reverse direction in mid stride. Their eyes were wild. Trapped looking. She bought up the pistol and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened and her heart staggered in her chest. The safety… The ****ing safety, her mind screamed, and that was when another Zombie hit her from the side, and she went sprawling onto the dirt road. There were two more on her before she could get turned over. She felt the first bites and ignored them as she concentrated on getting the safety off the pistol, she had somehow managed to hold onto as she fell.

The passenger door on the second truck flew open and Scott Jefferson flew from the truck, machine pistol blazing as he ran. The gunfire all along the road was crazy. It had instantly become a war zone. He made it halfway around the hood of the truck when he stepped into a crossfire and his head exploded, spraying across the hood of the truck.

Bear sprayed the woods with his machine pistol. The dead had all come from the same direction and once he had focused on them it had been easy to mow them down. They began to slow, some turning to run back into the woods, some standing as if they didn’t know what to do. Bear launched himself away from the truck fender he had been leaning against and began to run at them, firing as he went. A scream building from his throat.

Billy had staggered to a stop just past the end of his rear bumper. He had watched Scott come into his line of fire and he had instantly let loose of his trigger, but it had been too late. He was in shock and time seemed to slow to a crawl. His eyes swiveled back around, and he saw that Beth was pinned to the ground by two Zombies. He yelled and charged the zombies, raising the stock of his rifle, smashing in the back of the head of the first zombie, kicking the other aside with a hard shot to the ribs and spraying him with a short burst that took his head from his shoulders after he had rolled a short distance across the ground.

Marcus had stopped at the last truck and dragged the young man through the open window, two more joined him and pulled him the rest of the way through the window as Marcus lunged through the open window and fastened his teeth on Iris’s throat as she tried to fight him off, and the inside of the truck became a slaughterhouse. He was so engrossed in feeding that he did not see the machine pistol’s barrel as it thrust through the open window a few minutes later. He only barely felt it as it bit into the back of his head. Bear pulled the trigger, and his head blew apart. Iris stopped screaming.

Something happened to the remaining Zombies. It was like a switch had been flipped on every one of them at the same time.

They stopped in mid stride, tried to turn back to the woods, but the machine pistols mowed them down where they stood or as they turned to run. Bear, Billy and Beth were on their feet moving in a loose line toward the wooded area.

Behind them some of the others that had stayed in the trucks came out now and joined them. The gunfire held strong for a few moments and then everything stopped all at once. The last zombies either fell or managed to get far enough into the woods as to no longer be seen.

Silence fell all along the road. It held for what seemed like minutes. The haze of smoke from the gunfire hung heavy in the late afternoon air. The headlights of the tucks cut through it making it dance through the blue-white beams of light. The overcast sky and the sudden silence made it seem as though night had arrived all at once. There was very little to hear in the silence.

The still running trucks, a scraping scrabbling sound as one of the undead tried to crawl off the road and into the woods. Beth turned shakily from the woods, her face hard, set, she pulled her knife from her side sheath, took a few steps and straddled the zombie. She reached down, grabbed his hair, pulled his head back as he snapped and snarled. The knife flashed as she embedded it into the side of his head. She thrust one booted foot against his head and pulled her knife free, letting his head fall into the dirt.

The silence held for a second longer and then Beth began to sob as she sank down to the ground.

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