RAD Sandbox, the Open FX Modeler, Model Convertor and the Terrain Maker all in one bundle!

Posted on April 12, 2024 by dello

This is a full feature game maker including a compiler that allows you to package and sell the games you create or give them to your friends.

What kinds of games can you make with the Game Builder: You can make many different types of games with the Game Builder app. Car games, first shooter games, Flying Games and more. There are predesigned Scripts and templates to use to build with. The work is done for you. Design your own game after familiarizing yourself with the GUI or use a design template with the premade code.

No matter what you choose to do, or how you choose to do it, the templates are premade as is the coding and so, you can click together a game easily. If you wish to go further with the APP, you can learn the built-in Scripting language and write your own scripts including scripting an entire game from scratch.

Along with Templates, and Scripts, and Scripting there are thousands of premade model and accessories you can add with ease…

Dialogue windows that connect to the database so that everything you see is in plain English and offers clickable buttons to use. And you can test play your game right in the editor!

What comes with the Game Maker: The game builder itself. One side contains a scripting window, and the other side contains a graphic view of what you are building.

It also contains the compiler. You can add your projects to the compiler and assemble the game with a few clicks.

Some games that have been built with the game Builder.

And of course, compile and play the games…

The Open FX Modeler App

The pro modeler offers everything you need to build models and use them in your games.

The model includes both a UV and an Animation app. You have everything to make game models and use them ready to go in your Game Making App. Or you can tweak them further in your UV app or Game maker until you are satisfied with them

You can import the following formats: MFX – 3DS – DXF – STL – DAE – OBJ – X – LWO. MFX is the native format for the modeler, but you can also import the other formats and work with them in their native formats.

You can export your finished model as DFX – VRML – STL – 3DS

I am including the Model Converter with this purchase so that you can convert to many other models or convert models to be able to use them in the modeler.

The Terrain Module

The terrain editor can be used to create professional terrains in the OBJ format. You can then change the format using a file convertor. If you need a free 3D file convertor you can download this one free of charge: Model Convertor

The terrains can be used any way you choose, personal or commercial and or in any number of projects. This version has higher resolution graphics to paint the terrains with, and since you save the terrain UV work as separate files you can doctor individual pieces to match what you want them to match.

Using one of the Terrains made with this software.
A video showing you how to use the Terrain Maker software

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