March 25, 2024

America the Dead – Before the End 1 Episode 41

Posted on March 25, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

This is a feature presentation to fill in between seasons. Something I felt might be appreciated by readers/listeners; it covers the period of time before the plagues and how they got started. This is a nine part series and then season 3 will begin.
All of the material to present season 3 is written but not yet recorded, and it will most likely be recorded as needed for uploads.
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Geo Dell & Amber Smith


Notes from the Edge

Posted on March 25, 2024 by dello

 Notes from the Edge


Here are some suggested short story collections I and other writers have written, Dell

Alabama Island Short Story Collection

A collection of 12 short stories, including the featured story, Alabama Island.

I heard the soft murmur of its engine running: Some guy and some girl, I thought. #ShortStories #Thrillers #Readers #BookLovers #Drama

Borderline: Collected Short Stories

He thought for a second longer, staring into the dimness, trying to see better. Checked the street; nobody, and then made his way down the alleyway. He bent and looked in passenger window… #Singles #ShortStories #Readers

The Curse of Norwood Middle School: Teenage Adventures of Kelsey (Teenage Adventures of Kelsey Book Series 4)

Kelsey, class president, wants to have a Valentine’s Day dance at the middle school. She takes it up with the school principal after the student council votes that the school should have one – but there is only one problem. Nobody is allowed in the school after dark. The school is cursed. Bad things happen. #YoungAdult #Amazon #ALNorton #ReadersofInstagram

TRUE: True Stories from a small Town #1 Five True Stories… 

The Last Ride. It was a busy Friday night driving cab… #Cab #Taxi #DellSweet #TrueStories #NonFiction

The Christmas Goo (Book Series 3) Kindle

Derik mocks Kelsey for having to go sit on Santa’s lap with her baby sisters and gets caught. As punishment, he has to now join them. Derik is not happy at all. He begins to make fun of Santa in any way he can not knowing the mall Santa can hear him. Is the mall Santa real or not? #ALNorton #ChristmasGoo #YoungAdult #Readerrs #BooksForKids 

Connected: Short Hauls

Harrows Grocery Early Morning The old Chevy idled roughly at the curb across from Harrows market…  #Crime #Thriller #Drama #Readers #ShortStories

Not So Sweet Sarah: Teenage Adventures of Kelsey (Teenage Adventures of Kelsey Book Series 2)

Kelsey has a birthday coming up! She has recently been spending her allowance on starting a porcelain doll collection. All she wants for her birthday is that perfect porcelain doll to add to her collection. Her mom Jenna seems to have found one at an old antique store. When she leaves with the doll, the owner of the store regrets selling it to her.

#ParaNormal #YoungAdult #ALNorton #Readers 

Billy Jingo Collected Short Stories

Billy Jingo contains 22 short stories, from crime to Horror and the title story, Billy Jingo. I started to get back into the truck when he wagged his head and put one finger to his lips. #ShortStories #Readers #Booklovers #Bookworms #Crime #Thriller