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Posted on April 22, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

  ByAdmin  NOV 2, 2023  #Blog, #eBooks Posted by Geo 10-30-23 Halloween is nearly here as I write this. I am enjoying the fall weather outside. My cat Pepper is chasing leaves around like they have a life of their own. Winter still seems a respectable distance away from me. Maybe it won’t be too hard a winter. If I was a farmer I could pick up a caterpillar or open the almanac and find out. I’m not, and I don’t even know one anymore that I could ask. Funny, because back in the old days when this was just a little


Notes from the Edge 04-21-2024

Posted on April 22, 2024 by dello

 Notes from the Edge 04-21-2024 E.R. Visit Wound up in the E.R. the other evening/morning with my wife who was not feeling well; wow, what an eye opener that was. Got there the previous afternoon at around 4:00 PM or so. It was semi busy, looked about the same as it did twenty years ago, the last time I was in an E.R. waiting anyway; but within just a few moments I realized how different it was. The first thing I noticed was Homeless People in the ER. Lounging, stealing pens and talking nurses and security staff into crackers, sodas,


Zombie Fall

Posted on April 19, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

Geo 10-30-23 Almost November here, where in hell did this year go to? No idea, get up every day, do this, do that, and then suddenly it’s Friday, fly through the weekend, get up Monday morning, do this, do that and suddenly it’s Friday again. Same with the months and before I give it any hard consideration it will be 2024. Mark my words, I’d like to find that guy that said to me, “Enjoy it while you’re young, kid. When you get older time seems to speed up and it all just flies by,” I was about 12 at


Notes from the Edge 02-01-24

Posted on April 18, 2024 by dello

News… This week: It seems like last to this, the week flew by, and I had so much to do that I really couldn’t stop to think about it. Microwave ovens and presets on microwave ovens:  I like microwave ovens. They have made our lives better; I truly believe that. How else can you get a hot cup of coffee from yesterday’s leftover coffee in just about 120 seconds? Not that I do that. I mean drink yesterday’s left-over coffee… Okay… I do. Here’s the thing though, it’s coffee! That’s my only argument. It should be enough though. I mean it’s like sacred, isn’t it? If I were


America the Dead

Posted on April 18, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

A dog appears from the destruction and gives hope that others dogs, and people will eventually come out of hiding. While searching out supplies the survivors find a horrific crime that was committed during the first hours of the apocalypse… #Podcast #Apocalypse #ApocalypticFiction #TokPodcast #PostApocalyptic #Readers #Audio #Listeners America the Dead – A. L. Norton – YouTube


Posted on April 15, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

  Posted 10-21-2023It has been a long week here, but I finally finished the second Anna Kay book editing and began listing it through D2D.Anna KaySex: on the Streets My aunt began to sexually abuse me. It went on for months. I didn’t know until years later that my sister was locked in a closet while this went on. #ChildAbuse #NonFiction #TrueStory #Readers #D2D #Apple #Nook #Kobo #SmashwordsA few months later my cousins began to abuse my sister and I. Alone: Prison Life I had been in prison a few years. Two inmates had been at each other most


My Life in the sixties

Posted on April 14, 2024 by dello

The street that I grew up on.  The house is the house we grew up in. We played tackle football on that road.  Baseball in that gravel lot in the picture above, which is directly across from our house.  The little white building pictured above? That was Major’s Market. If you had a quarter, you could get a sixteen-ounce Coke, or Pepsi if you prefer, or DR Pepper as I preferred. You could also get a large candy bar, and a handful of penny candy. All for that quarter. We used to love to walk down to Major’s Market and spend our money.  We