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Notes from the Edge 04-21-2024

Posted on April 22, 2024 by dello

 Notes from the Edge 04-21-2024 E.R. Visit Wound up in the E.R. the other evening/morning with my wife who was not feeling well; wow, what an eye opener that was. Got there the previous afternoon at around 4:00 PM or so. It was semi busy, looked about the same as it did twenty years ago, the last time I was in an E.R. waiting anyway; but within just a few moments I realized how different it was. The first thing I noticed was Homeless People in the ER. Lounging, stealing pens and talking nurses and security staff into crackers, sodas,


Posted on April 7, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

  Ten things that evolve as you age… After you take a drink of anything, you sometimes have to remember to close your mouth and swallow. You would think that would be forever automatic, but it isn’t. When your socks evolve into left and right socks? It is time for new socks. Bending over causes a gas, umm, problem… You find yourself at the backdoor staring out at the backyard. You know you went out there for a reason but you cannot remember what it was. So, you close the door, head back to the TV, and then you remember


 Merry #$%*8#* Christmas

Posted on February 18, 2024 by dello

Posted 12-10-2023 Happy Holidays: This is the time of year where everyone I meet is either really happy and full of the holiday spirit, or really miserable and waiting for the season to be over. It is a real eye opener to take a trip to the local Walmart. I had to make a trip to the post office the other day, Friday, with my mother. This is the way mom does things; We’re drinking coffee, watching the morning news, I’m going through all of my overnight emails and posting/printing what I need, Mom stands up and says, “Well, we