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has been a long week here, but I finally finished the

Anna Kay book editing and began listing it through D2D.

on the Streets

aunt began to sexually abuse me. It went on for months. I didn’t know
until years later that my sister was locked in a closet while this
went on. #ChildAbuse #NonFiction #TrueStory #Readers #D2D #Apple
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few months later my cousins
to abuse my sister and I.

Alone: Prison Life

had been in prison a few years. Two inmates had been at each other
most of the day,
larger woman taunting
smaller woman.

#Jail #Incarceration #Readers #Drama #NonFiction #Kobo #Smashwords (Link may not work yet)

are good here. Dreamer’s Worlds Two
now available on Amazon
probably be early March. I thought I would give you a treat this
week. This is an Excerpt from
Worlds Book One: The Girl in the Stone
There is a free preview of the first book at Amazon, but you will not find this
in that preview. It’s only here…

Free Preview is Copyright Wendell Sweet and Geo Dell 2023
rights are reserved. Used with permission of the Publisher

left the window and headed towards the kitchen. Coffee would fix me
up. And if my head was clearer I was sure I could make some sense of
what had happened. Like maybe how it had ha penned and why it had
happened for starters. It was my first death. I had known it could
happen. I had only hoped it didn’t actually kill me when or if it did
happen.. That’s the fear. The panicky part of it. How do you know? If
it blurred the lines so hard how could you even be sure which part
was real?
instance, I asked myself as I fixed the coffee, was this real?
actually made me stop and look around the kitchen. Of course it was,
I told myself. Two false starts would be too much One had been bad
enough. This had to be real.
snapped back and realized the tap water was overflowing the coffee
carafe, turned off the water, poured out the excess and filled the
reservoir on the coffee maker. My eyes traveled worriedly around the
kitchen. I tapped the cheap cabinet door. Real, I decided. It wasn’t
a great apartment but it wasn’t too bad. It was home, and home had
been worse. I would be able to tell if this was not real, I told
you would, my other self mocked. The same way you could tell the Doc.
wasn’t real.
gave me pause. But the more my eyes traveled the more they saw that
was familiar. I levered open the refrigerator and laughed in spite of
my serious mood.. Empty… As always. A half squeeze bottle of
Mustard, crusted yellow brown at the top. Attractive, Laura, I
chided. I picked it up, carried it the garbage and dropped it in,
promising myself as I did that I would do some grocery shopping
today. Shop… Pay some bills… Normal things that normal people did
every day. My life had been Bat-Shit crazy lately, and it was only
just beginning. I sighed, clicked on the coffee maker, and then left
the kitchen. Two minuets later I was standing in the open bathroom
doorway, towel in hand, clean clothes draped over one arm, screaming
at the top of my lungs.
was a body in my bathtub. A dead body. Bent forward… Face
Floating… Long black hair pooled around the head, the face barely
visible floating just under the surface. A woman… Black hair… The
same jet black hair as my own…
forced myself to stop screaming, shoved almost my entire fist into my
mouth and stood as if glued to the floor in the doorway of the
two minuets passed. Maybe four. A rapid pounding came from my front
door. Neighbors, I told myself. The walls were so thin… Thank God
for neighbors, especially when you had a dead person, a dead woman,
in your bathtub. I backed out of the bathroom doorway, remembering
not to touch anything. Too many crime dramas on T.V. , but I was
pretty sure that I had never touched anything when I had come in. The
doorknob, my mind supplied… And maybe the doorjamb too… All that
T.V. I knew you weren’t supposed to touch anything in the crime
opened the front door and things happened fast after that.
bounded past me into the apartment. Dell stepped in behind him and
quickly slammed the door shut. Before the door slammed I saw a crowd
of worried looking neighbors gathered in the hallway. At least they
had appeared worried in the brief glimpse I had had before the
closing door had shut them off. My breath caught in my throat. That
seemed to be happening a lot lately.
I managed as Dell pushed by me heading for the bathroom where Bear
stood, paws wide apart, staring in through the open doorway.
Dell. What is it,” I asked again. He said nothing but stepped past
Bear into the bathroom.
Dell there’s a dead person… Girl in there,” I said.
know,” he said as he stopped next to the tub. Bear moved to the
tub, looked down at the woman, and then looked up at Dell. Dell shook
his head and turned to me. “We have to go,” He said quietly,
“Right now.”
I asked? “Dell, that’s a real dead girl in there! We have to call
the cops… We have to… I could get arrested… We could get…”
He cut me off.
know, Laura. I know. That she’s dead is obvious. I… We, knew about
it before we got here…. Laura. If you stay you’ll have more
problems than the cops and being arrested.”
Why,” I asked?
he muttered. He took two backwards steps into the bathroom, reached
down and grasped the mass pf floating black hair and pulled the
woman’s face from the water and backwards.
small blue hole rested between her eyebrows. Blood trickled from that
hole and began to run down her face. “Dell,” I began, a ball of
sickness once again forming in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t finish
as my eyes finally locked on her face and my mind began to work
again. It took a second but I realized who she was. I screamed for
the second time in just a few minuets. Dell let go of her hair and
her head fell back into the water with a heavy splash. His hand rose
quickly and clamped across my mouth shutting off the scream… His
wet hand… The same hand… My stomach heaved and I pushed past him
and barely managed to get the lid up on the toilet in time. Somebody
began to pound on the door once again. Loud. Insistent. Demanding
even. I stood. Dried my face with the towel I had intended for my
bath and then walked to the front door.


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