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My Own Apocalypse

Posted on April 11, 2024 by Author Sam Wolfe

My Own Apocalypse 

A free audio story

Part 1:

Part 2:

My own Apocalypse: A free Zombie Apocalypse story read by the author.


This short story became the new novel just released by W. G. Sweet!

… Ethan lives in Harlem with his wife Janelle. The city gets out of control fast as an apocalypse hits the world.

Harlem is burning; what is not burning is gang controlled. What is not gang controlled is abandoned. The people are on their own. The cops disappeared, same with fire fighters. The Fires are unchecked.

Across the river parts of New Jersey are also burning. Ethen and his wife pick up bits and pieces of newscasts but none of it seems to make sense to them.

Things become clearer over the next few nights. Something, or somethings are prowling the streets at night, preying even on the gangs. At first, there is no clear answer and Ethan is convinced it is gang on gang violence, but little by little, it becomes clear that the dead are the problem. …